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Who We Are

TThe Indio Group is a creative innovation company hell bent on discovering new ways to build businesses, brands and consumer connections. The group is made up of a collection of businesses focussed on innovating various industries in Africa. We are living in an age of unprecedented human progress. What seems impossible one minute is a reality the next. Technology revolutionizes the way we interact with the world, and culture is constantly rewriting the story we tell ourselves. but no matter how drastically the world changes or how fast we progress, we are always human at our very core. We are still essentially emotional creatures who thrive on connection.

We’re bound by certain innate values that unite us and set us apart from those cold, corporate machines out there. People Centric, Affordability, Adaptability, Scalability & Transparency, These standards we share determine the purpose in what we do, and make this great game of innovation and design more a journey than a job. Each and every day, we turn to them in order to find our course and inspiration, and continue moving forward together. These are our values.

The world is constantly changing, and the more we explore, understand, and ideate, the more we can accomplish. Curiosity helps us understand what’s happening today, so we can define what’s possible tomorrow. By embracing our curiosity, we’re guided to exciting places where the experiences we create are surely better because of what we’ve discovered.

75 Projects Delivered
48 Satisfied Clients
12 Hours Coded
98 Cups of Coffee

What We Do

We're passionate about creating intelligent, innovative and technically excellent digital solutions.

  • Business It Solutions
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Medical IT Solutions
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Security Solutions
  • Digital Home, Audio and Video





the team

Jaswin Moodley


Vashti Maniram

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Lucreta Moodley

Mixed Media Admin

Bheki Richard

Technical Manager

Sanjith Maniram

Electrical Manager

Rakshit P


Shailesh T



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